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WIX has significantly reduced the quality of this

Sunset lit 3D modeled fragrance packaging

Tools: Illustrator, Blender


This is a reboot of the packaging of a popular fragrance by Candie's. I was given the existing brand guidelines and crafted a design that I felt was both my own and the brand's. I opted for a metallic strawberry, an upgrade to the prior "berry-burst". The previous packaging design was overkill in my humble opinion, it looked both outdated and overwhelming.

Animation of a Figure Giving an Eyeroll

Tools: Illustrator, Animate

This is a simple animation created for a jewelry startup. The company utilizes art nouveau motifs, goddess imagery, neoclassical themes and mythology within its designs. I wanted to touch upon this in a simple way.


3D Modeled Can Concept  (Sheela-na-Gig)

Tools: Blender, Photoshop

Ask to view. This is beverage design was created in honor of the ancient feminist glyphs, much like Medusa. Only in this one, the glyph, Sheela-na-Gig, is Irish instead of Greek. I created the label in Photoshop and moved the can tab to complement the design. I showed a consumer on the label as well.

This is a scene created to look like a news reel. All objects except for the city skyline and the emojis were created in Blender.

Golden News Reel

Tools: Blender

This is a sneak-peek of a toothpaste brand advertisement campaign inspired by Joe Pesci and his gold tooth in the classic 90s film Home Alone. Never having met someone with a gold tooth as a child, I often wondered how Harry got his gold tooth, if it was it good or bad, and how I could get my hands on one, too, one day. I soon enough learned that, in most cases, it's actually better to preserve your existing enamel than to get a costly gold tooth implanted, so I started brushing my teeth more regularly.

Teethpaste feat. Joe Pesci's face

Tools: Blender, Photoshop

Alpha Transparency needed to be enabled

Tools: Blender, Photoshop

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